Download Will Roush “Know My Name” Hosted by DJ Skee and DJ Whoo Kid

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Well, I’ve been hyping this kid Will Roush for months. His mixtape is finally here. I’m going to write a separate post very soon about why I chose to get involved with Will’s project, but for now, check out the work.

Know My Name Vol. 1 is a conceptual mixtape, themed around the idea of Will Roush, who’s a new artist, traveling back in time to learn all about hip-hop’s incredible history before moving forward with his own burgeoning rap career. The tape is split between him rocking over classic instrumentals which tie into the project’s theme, and original music.

1- Intro: Will Meets Biggie
2- What I Gotta Do Dilla (produced by J Dilla)
3- 21st Birthday (produced by Young Lord)
4- Been A Long Time ft. Stat Quo (produced by Traxamillion)
5- Higher
6- Take It Back
7- Skit: Will Meets DJ Jazzy Jeff (Philly 1987)
8- Parents Just Don’t Understand
9- Know The Ledge
10- Feels So Good ft. Brian Barnett
11- Goin On My Way
12- Intergalactic
13- Skit: Will Calls The Notorious B.I.G. for Help
14- Kingdom Roush
15- Hypnotized
16- 1 of a Kind (produced by Dub Z)
17- Outro: Biggie Sends Will Off On Hip-Hop History Test
18- BONUS: Know My Name (produced by DJ Khalil)
Download: Will Roush- Know My Name vol. 1
Also, the skits are still available as comic book shorts on Will’s youtube page.
Ep 1: Will Roush Meets Biggie
Ep 2: Will Roush Calls Biggie For Help
Ep 3: Will Roush Meets Jazzy Jeff
Ep 4: Biggie Preps Will For His Final Exam

NBA Finals Anthem, Will Roush- “Where Roush Happens”

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With the NBA Playoffs finally coming to a close, and Game 1 of the finals approaching this Thursday, Will hit the studio with Miami-based producers The Fliptones (Lil Wayne, Birdman, Donnie Klang, the list goes on) to put a little urban twist on Carly Commando’s “Everyday,”which, if you don’t already know, is the beautiful piano composition that backs the NBA’s “Where Amazing Happens” commercials.
Doesn’t matter what team he’s riding with (Is it Aftermath? G-Unit? Roc Nation? Def Jam? Grand Hustle?) or he’s rooting for (Lakers in 6) Roush happens everywhere! So he even poked a little photoshop fun at himself. I think you’ll get a laugh out of it.

“Where Roush Happens”