David Banner Interview part 1- “I Almost Died”

May 22, 2009 by  
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In part 1 of my exclusive interview with David Banner, he talks about the myriad health problems that were caused by his being overweight. He says his doctor told him if he didn’t lose weight, he might die. That news sent him straight to the salad bar.

He used to look like this.


Now he looks like


It’s no secret that the hip-hop lifestyle isn’t exactly the healthiest. One look at a guy like Rick Ross- man boobs and all- could very well send you straight to the gym.

Rappers and producers spend their nights in studios eating take out food. If they’re on the road, they’re eating fast food and junk. In clubs, they’re sipping expensive, but carbohydrate laden, alcohol.

Folks better start getting their health right, especially now with the music industry in the toilet. All you really have is your health, as that old saying goes.

Keep checking back for more about fitness with David Banner.