The Retail Mixtape Needs To Die

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Just received an email about Sean Price’s new mixtape, Kimbo Price, hitting stores October 27th. If the fucking thing is in a store, it’s not a mixtape. Can we just kill the idea of the mixtape album already, and call the thing an album? Please, this is ridiculous. You’re confusing fans. Fans want to know the shit is an album, that it is something you put your heart and soul into. Otherwise, don’t put the project out at retail. If it’s some piece of shit that you threw together haphazardly, just give it away. I know Sean Price’s level of quality is high. He doesn’t make much wack music. In fact, I’ve been a fan since he debuted. But me, as a fan of rap music, I get turned off the minute I see the word mixtape associated with an artist of P’s caliber. So I get it, Kimbo Price is the prelude to a forthcoming album. But that project isn’t dropping until 2010. Plies drops two albums a year on a major label. Sean Price can’t drop 2 within 6 months on an indie? Fuck outta here.

Call things what they are. If there are original beats, original lyrics and hooks on the project, it’s an album. It’s not a mixtape. Leave the freestyles and all that shit nobody wants to hear on the cutting room floor and make it an official project. Please. This isn’t 2004, when the mixtape/album was some sort of novelty item that artists could drop on indie labels to hold fans over between proper major label projects. That shit is dead.

Do the right thing.

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7 Responses to “The Retail Mixtape Needs To Die”
  1. Warmedia says:

    Plies can drop 2 albums a year cause he’s not writing at the level of Sean P. Also with the budgets etc he has more access. And Sean needs to drop mixtapes for sale cause every dime counts in an underground artist career, but I agree we need to come up with another name instead of mixtapes

  2. Silva says:

    “but I agree we need to come up with another name instead of mixtapes”


  3. pedro says:

    whats the point of putting anything out if your heart and soul aint in it

  4. daws says:

    what’s with rap people and wanting to remedy problems by giving them new names?

    i agree drop physical copies of albums and nuttin’ else for sale

  5. Wally says:

    I approve of this message.

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