Don’t Stop Believing

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You will have rough months in this business. You will have days where you really question why you are sticking this out. If you truly put in work, you may even go a full year of feeling like you have no clue why you remain in the race. People will even encourage you to bow out. But if you remain in this for the right reasons, you will reap the benefits. These perks might not be a million dollar check, private jets, or sold out arenas with your artist, band, or DJ. But it will feel right and you will know it. With that said, don’t get involved in this to simply “get on” or be famous. We are often blinded by the glitz and glamour of an industry that is always demanding of your time and mental sanity. You have to always give this your all. Even when times are down, you must stick with your team and lift each other up.

I won’t lie. I often doubt myself and where I am heading. I sometimes lose focus of what my goals really were when I stepped into the business years ago. The music industry can be very deceiving whether you are an outside eye or in the race. Yes, I am wired differently than a lot of you. I have not always made the right choices. I have an intense nature that does not allow me to enjoy much success or achievement. If I do it is very short lived. Is that a bad thing? No. Since I never feel accomplished, I never stop.

Although I am cognizant of my faults, it is difficult to change. Don’t be like me in this aspect. Every step you take in this industry is a big one. Use each positive step in the right direction as a stepping stone and learning experience. Do not try to jump from A to Z. If people are noticing your movement, chances are it will continue to grow if you work hard. There is no half stepping this business! It is true that people cut corners and taste success, but it is almost always temporary. I truly believe that I get a lot of respect from my peers because I avoided the easy way in. I make sure to always show appreciation to whoever covers an artist I represent or reaches out to me for advice. We are all in need of mentors. Including myself.

This is not an overnight business and as I said before, if you have attainted overnight success you most likely will fall. An important colleague and mentor of mine recently made a great point. In mentioning that I was becoming discouraged by the lack of progress on a project we have been working on for years, he mentioned the word “Groundswell.” It was an accurate depiction of who this artist is and what we all have created as a team. This specific project is a grassroots grind that is slowly making its way across the world. It’s the right model for longevity! Think groundswell.

Look, this shit can be very frustrating. For whenever you think you are breaking an artist a bit you fall. Whenever you think you have fallen on your worst day you persevere and mold into something better. In the upcoming years, I’m going to do my best to go with gut instinct. I often think I know more than I do and the truth is, I don’t even know what exact curve this business is heading down. All I can say is that I am one hundred percent confident that if the music sounds right and the people are responding it’s a positive sign. I will never forget the first time I heard every artist I love. Don’t ever forget the second you heard your favorite artist or the artist you believe you will break one day. Believe.

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