Slaughterhouse Makes Me Enjoy Rap Music

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I’m not a Slaughterhouse stan. I mean to some extent or another, I’ve paid attention to what everyone in the group has been doing. But to say that I’m tapped into the Slaughterhouse zeitgeist like that would be a huge overstatement. I’m probably most in tune with Joell Ortiz movements, if anyone in the group. And that’s mainly because he’s the youngest of the crew, has the least amount of back history to make me dislike him for any reason. The other guys, maybe it’s just because I want hip-hop, music and fuck it, myself, to move forward, I haven’t really been into their movements like that. I appreciate them for what they do, but it’s just not my thing. I was writing about Joe Budden five years ago. Where’s the new shit?

Still, whatever I’ve heard from these guys thus far has been straight cocaine.

But this freestyle took me back to another era in rap, where clearly if you were going to spit, you needed to come with it like Canibus in 1999. This is late 90s era of niceness, not that 2005 level of niceness, where guys like Jim Jones and insert random swag rapper of the moment get a pass for having whatever amounts to a buzz in this day and age. The bar has obviously been lowered over the years, let’s not kid ourselves.

Slaughterhouse may be upping the ante on what is considered dope in 2009. Granted, it’s to be determined whether or not anyone actually cares, but if it’s any indication, I haven’t had a conversation with a casual rap fan in weeks that has had to do with anything except Slaughterhouse. That’s the topic of convo it seems. And here I was thinking nobody knew these guys outside of the internets.

Flex will drop a bomb (if he hasn’t already done so, sorry I don’t have a radio) on a Slaughterhouse record in 5, 4, 3, 2….

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