Producer Digga Talks About the Beat Game And 50 Cent’s “Many Men”

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Spotted this video over at Nahright, with Digga talking about changes in production technology, the backstory on 50 Cent’s “Many Men,” and then recreates the track.

I’ve never really felt that “Many Men” was the most complex of tracks, but the beat was always one of my favorites. Goes to show you that you really don’t need to do that much to make a hot record. I think a lot of producers get caught up in trying to chop chop chop the hell out of a record instead of just leaving the vibe intact, then adding their flare to it. I was never crazy about the mix on the song though. I always felt like the drums were mixed very poorly, they stood out in the mix too much.

Another one of my favorite Digga tracks, Camron’s “Losin Weight”

What I really want to know is, what the hell is that touchscreen that Digga is using with Reason?

I need that NOW

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2 Responses to “Producer Digga Talks About the Beat Game And 50 Cent’s “Many Men””
  1. wax says:

    you know I felt the same way about GRODT – the mix just sounds plain awful in certain tunes… I read liner notes like a nerd, and one of the things I’ve always enjoyed from Dr. Dre is when he “mixes” an album. you can hear the quality in the Games first album, and the most recent Em joint… if I’m not mistaken, I dont think the good doctor did the mixdowns on GRODT did he?

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