What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

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Anyone who’s been on a diet knows that there are just certain food items that you cannot stop eating, no matter how unhealthy it is, or how hard you try to fight your cravings.

For me, that food item is sweetened cereal. Honey Bunches of Oats, Honey Nut Cheerios, Vanilla Almond Special K, Life with Cinnamon, the list goes on and on.

I’ve always been a late night junk food junkie. I started my habit of staying up well past the midnight hour back during the 1992 Summer Olympics, in Barcelona. My brother and I used to stay up until something like 2am every night during the Olympics so we could watch boxing. We’d eventually watch Oscar De La Hoya win the gold medal. At the time, my parents had just separated, and my dad didn’t always buy the healthiest of snacks. It wasn’t uncommon to sit up eating Twizzlers and buttery popcorn all night with my older bro.

That probably lead to me being sort of a chunky fella during my teenage years. I was never terribly fat (not until college), but was most certainly overweight for my age, and had a little pot belly. Throughout high school I tried to get to bed before midnight on most nights, but when my brother stayed local for a semester of college in ’99, he brought his late night frat house lifestyle with him, and wreaked havoc on my sleep. Till this day, I’ve never recovered from that. No matter what job I’ve had, what’s going on in my life, school, whatever, I’ve never been able to get to bed before 2am consistently.

Along with the poor sleeping habits, I eat late. It’s not uncommon for me to eat an entire box of cereal right before I go to bed. I will feel this craving just come over me, and I’ll go to the store, buy a box of whatever sweetened cereal they have on the shelf that isn’t like complete and total sugar, and I will just down the whole box in one sitting.

Now you’re probably thinking that’s insane. And you know what, it is. I’m writing this in the late afternoon/early evening, and the idea for the post actually came to me because I just ate about half a box of Honey Nut Shredded Wheat. But I’m pretty full. I don’t even think I’m going to eat dinner tonight, that’s how full I am. Still, I’m going to hit the gym shortly, and burn off a lot of the carbs that I just downed.

My understanding is that your metabolism slows at night, that whatever you eat will quickly turn to fat. I believe it. I think if I was able to knock off this guilty pleasure, I’d drop another 10-15 pounds easily.

Like everyone else, I’m working my way through it.

Just tastes so damn good!

For some people it’s pizza, or ice cream…. I wanna know, what’s your guilty pleasure?

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7 Responses to “What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?”
  1. A scoop (or three) of ice cream is heaven. The sad part is that I often partake while in bed, watching late-night television. I switched to greek yogurt and fresh fruit a few months ago. But sometimes, I need ice cream. Or a large bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats w/soy milk.

    The thing is, I think we eat these foods late at night because we’re comforting ourselves. By day, we have work and life spurring us on. It’s the hours just before sleepy time that tend to be the times we reach for food.

    Even if I’m not hungry at all. I sometimes still reach for comfort food at bed time.

  2. Jay says:

    You hit home with this one. I LOVE cereal. Morning, afternoon, or night. I thought I was bad with 3 bowls of raisin bran crunch….I’ve never eaten a whole box Gooch. Lol

  3. Michelé says:

    I love sweets. Chocolate, candy, gummies, cakes, pies, cookies, it doesn’t matter; I am not picky. When I was a kid my parents intentionally kept my allowance low for my age b/c they knew I would go blow it at the corner store to buy candy. I would eat candy until I felt sick. I never threw up though!

    I still crave sweets but not as hard core as I used to. Every day around 3 or 4pm I get bored at work and crave something to snack on. I know try to snack on nuts or dried fruit or I’ll even go for an iced coffee instead of bad sweets but I will give in occasionally.

    But F it, life is short. Doowutchalike. <—Shouts to Humpty!

  4. Spenjamoney says:

    “But F it, life is short. Doowutchalike. <—Shouts to Humpty!” – True, but it should also be tagged on that you should be aware of and accept the consequences of your actions, which in this case, a lack of discipline, will cause you to gain weight and miss out on a life with more energy, less disease, etc. etc. you get what I’m saying.

    As with anything in life, there is a delicate balance. It’s not easy looking and feeling great, it doesn’t come automatically (to 99% of us), but boy is it worth it!

  5. Anonymous says:

    cereal is death. quite possibly worst “food” on planet. for me its chocolate or bread or both together!

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