Say Goodbye To The Big Guy

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One of my biggest pet peeves when I’m out in public is when someone calls me “Big Guy.” Like, “Hey, Big Guy, what can I get you?” I think that’s the most impolite shit someone could possibly say to another person. If I said that to a female, like “Hey, Big Girl, what can I get you?” There would be hell to pay. But guys get away with it for some reason, because there’s this social more that has been passed down from generation to generation that made it cool to be a big guy. Think of the guy from the Brawny Paper Towels. At one time, people wanted to look like that guy! Or at least have their paper towels be strong like that.

But seriously, I’m not really sensitive about much in life, particularly the way people speak (have you ever heard the way I talk? I fucking curse more than Eddie Murphy), but when I walk into a health food restaurant I don’t expect the guy behind the counter to call me Big Buy. I think that’s in poor taste, particularly in a health food restaurant. The one I usually go to is down the block from me, called Healthy Grill, in St. George, Staten Island. It’s like right up the steps from the Ferry on Stuyvesant. It actually opened recently, I want to say something like three months ago. But all in all, I think the language you use when you speak to customers is so important to making them feel welcome, feel good, and want to come back for more. Fuck the food. The food should be good, bottom line. If you make something decent, half the battle is won. Now win the other half, treat the customer right.

All in all, I hate being looked at as a Big Guy. I know the guy behind the counter can’t help but call me that (at least for now he can’t, while I’m still well, sort of a big guy), but soon he’ll be singing a different tune, as I continue my drop in size. I no longer want to be looked at as a big dude, which I will elaborate more on in a post soon to come.

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