It’s going to be in the mid 90s tomorrow, who’s running?

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So the weatherman is predicting 94 degrees tomorrow, 97 on Sunday. Too hot to run? Fuck that. I’m trying to hit Clove Lakes park mid afternoon for a couple laps and then the basketball court for some full court games. I hadn’t ran a full in maybe a year or two until like two weeks ago, ran something like four games at IS. 51. Man, it felt like the old days out there, getting up and down that court with no problem.

Hopefully I don’t pass out tomorrow, cause I got a feeling it’s going to be brutal. A few tips from

  • Slow down early – The later you wait to slow down, the more dramatically you’ll slow down at the end and the longer it will take to recover from the run. Walk breaks, early and often, help you lower the exertion level, which conserves resources for the end and reduces heat buildup.
  • Wear lighter garments – Loose-fitting clothes allow heat to escape. Don’t wear cotton clothing. Sweat soaks into cotton, causing it to cling to your skin, increasing heat buildup. Several materials will wick the perspiration away from your skin: Coolmax, polypro, etc. As moisture leaves your skin, you receive a cooling effect, and these types of materials are designed for this 
  • Pour water over yourself – Up to 70 percent of the heat you can lose goes out through the top of your head so regularly pour water over your hair (even if, like me, you are hair challenged). Regularly pouring water on a light, polypro (or a similar material) singlet or tank top will keep you cooler.
  • Drink cold water – Not only does cold water leave the stomach of a runner quicker than any type of fluid, it produces a slight physiological cooling effect – and an even greater psychological cooling effect. But don’t drink too much either.

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