I Sweat More Than Patrick Ewing This Weekend

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Man, the weather was brutal this weekend. It was something like 98 degrees on Saturday, and today I saw the temperature go as high as 96. But in actuality it was probably hotter than that, I’m just going by my glances at the temperature widget on my powerbook’s dashboard. 
That said, I went out in the hazy hot sun yesterday and played basketball for a couple of hours. It wasn’t long before I looked like I’d jumped in the shower with my clothes on. Still and all, I had plenty of energy, and played a couple half court games. I wanted to play full, and truth be told there were enough people in the park to do so, but these flunkies were all scared of the heat and didn’t want to wear themselves out. Pussies. It bugs me out how conservative cats get when the temperature goes above 90. This one dude, right in the middle of a game, he quit. He had enough. The heat got to him. Wow. 
When I got back from playing ball I weighed myself. 195.8 pounds. Amazing.
After that I fell asleep on the couch for a little while. The phone kept ringing so I finally got up, ordered up a few movies on demand, and chilled for the rest of the night. I debated on going out, the fact that it was hot made it sort of enticing, because I knew the city was going to be nuts last night. But I just took it easy. Been doing a lot of that lately, trying to conserve my energy for the important things in life. 
I spent much of Sunday in the apartment as well. I woke up around noon and hopped online to read some of the Sunday New York Times, and right as I started Glasses Malone hit me on instant messenger saying he was starting to work on a new album inspired by music from the 80s. He was looking for beats. Whatever he described to me sounded like something I had sitting right on my desktop, so I sent him this one track with Jay-Z sample that I been sort of sitting on. It’s got a real 80s house music vibe. He loved it but wanted the Jay-Z sample taken off, and because I’d just 2tracked that beat into the computer I didn’t have a version without Jay-Z on it. So I had to dig into the zip files for the sequences on my MPC, and lo and behold, I couldn’t find them. So I pretty much had to remake the beat. What a pain in the ass. Anyway, I got it done, then started working on this other track that I had the samples chopped up for damn near two years ago. I pulled up the sounds and started reworking them, then put a whole track together. I’d messed with these samples a couple times in the past and never saved what I did, but I liked what I came up with today and decided to keep it. 
In between all that, I went out and had some pizza. 2 slices of buffalo chicken pizza from A&S, to be exact. That pizza looked better than it tasted. I should have just gotten regular slices. The fresh mozzarella is sweet and creamy (pause!!!) but sort of annoying at the same time. I don’t know, it just didn’t go over so well in my opinion. Then I got some coconut ices, which hit the spot on a day like today.
Yes, probably not the healthiest choice of lunch, but fuck it. I’m allowed 2 slices of pizza twice a week on this phase of the Fat Smash Diet. 
It was pretty late when I finished with the beat-making, so I just ate a bowl of corn flakes and called that dinner. Then around 10:45 I went out, ran to Clove Road and back to my apartment. Holy fuck, I don’t think I ever sweat so much in my entire life. If yesterday it looked like I went in the shower my clothes on, tonight it looked like I was lost at sea for a month. I think I was so wet (pause!!!) that my skin started to get wrinkly like it gets when you stay in the shower too long. Every item of clothing that I had on- sweatshirt, t-shirt, shorts, boxers, socks- was literally soaked, like with water dripping off them as I moved. That’s what running in this type of weather will do to you.
Still and all, I just took a shower and now I feel great. Kinda tired, bout to hit the sack (pause!!!). 
Oh yeah, saw Don’t Mess With The Zohan on Friday with Rolando and his girl Sarah. That shit was funny as hell. 

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