FAT SMASH DIET- 55 pounds lost in 12 weeks… have you seen the new Gooch yet?

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You see what that says? 199 pounds mothafuckas!!!! I weighed myself at 254 lbs when I started the Fat Smash Diet on the morning of March 10th. Here I stand, in the middle of my 12th week on the diet, 55 pounds lighter. Up until a few weeks ago I was tracking my progress on the forums over at FatSmashForum.com, but since people stopped responding to my posts I just stopped writing. Plus I got in contact with Dr. Ian Smith’s office directly (he’s the creator of the diet), and that was satisfying enough. I just needed someone to hear about my success, and if you’ve seen me out lately or talked to me on the phone or via IM, you know I’ve been probably chatting your ear off about this weight loss and diet program.

Anyway, last week my treadmill broke and that was a real downer for me. I’m used to getting that runner’s high now, and I really need to run 6 days a week for me to feel right. Plus I run twice a day. So not having the treadmill was going to be a big loss. Instead, I hit the stairs in my building, running the 6 flights twenty times consecutively. Additionally, at night I would walk from my apartment in St. George to my father’s house in Graniteville, which is literally a 6 mile hike up Victory blvd. Then, on Sunday, I felt like I needed to get this runner’s itch taken care of, so I just ran that 6 miles to my father’s house. I woke up tired as shit the next day, but felt good. So I did it again yesterday, this time running from my apartment to Clove Road and back (beats waiting for the bus).

Anyway, it’s like the middle of my 12th week, and because week #2 after the 9 day Detox period started on a Wednesday, I’m going to run this bad boy out until next Wednesday, so tomorrow is the official weigh in day. I just couldn’t wait. Oh, I got the belt I needed to the treadmill, and I fixed it yesterday, so I hit the mill earlier today, and man did it feel good to have my baby back up and running.

I know I haven’t written diddly squat in the past few months, and guess what, in that time I’ve actually seen Juno, go figure lol. Point was, I set a goal for myself at the beginning of this diet, told myself I would get down to my healthy BMI weight of 185 lbs. But since I was at 254 at the time, and quite honestly I feel like even that number was being conservative as I probably weighed even more than that, I knew just getting down below 200 lbs was a pipe dream. I’d started so many diets in the past and slacked off of everything, no discipline whatsoever. I didn’t have high hopes for myself with this, but after losing something like 10 lbs in the first 9 days, I knew this diet and exercise regimen was for real and that I needed to stick with it.

I can’t express the joy and happiness that I feel right now for being below 200 lbs. I don’t think I have been less than 200 lbs since my senior year in Port Richmond High School, and if my memory serves me correctly I think I was even more than 200 pounds back then. I know at one point during my junior year, when I played varsity basketball, I had gotten a real bad case of the flu and dropped to about 175 pounds. But that summer from junior to senior year I gained a lot of weight and was over 200 lbs. Now I’m sure at some point I lost some of the weight and got below 200, but once I hit college I ballooned. I even got my college ID from CUNY CSI right next to me, which I got when I was 18 years old in September of 2000, and I’m looking at it and I look huge.

I remember this girl Tenisha, who I sort of had a thing for back in high school (she was a year older than me and thus graduated before I did), saw me some time in the early summer of 2001 (during my freshman year in college), and I remember the first words out of her mouth were, “Wow, you gained weight.” Which I did. I’d become a fat fuck. Now I couldn’t even beat it like I wanted to. Fuck!

Some time around late 2003, during my senior year in college, I hit the gym pretty hard for maybe two to three months and dropped from something like 225 or 230 to 214. That was the lowest point, and that was while taking Hydroxycut. Now after I left my house in spring of 2004, I wasn’t able to go to the gym as much, plus my gym buddy Robert Manning went away to the army and he was a real inspiration to me because he’d lost something like 70 lbs. Now he was gone and hitting the gym was becoming inconvenient, and I was running up in record label offices all day and by night in the studio. So it got hard to keep up the cardio, but I didn’t really gain any weight. That is, until the fall of 2004 came around, when Cue bounced to Florida and we got the rid of the studio and I became very sedentary. Plus I was eating fast food every day (Matt Fingaz and Roy Rogers is a bad combination), so I blew up like a balloon again. Probably gained 15 pounds back real quick. And my confidence sort of dropped, I stopped wanting to go out and be social as much as before.

I pretty much stayed that weight until August of 2006, when I started the late nights at Lifestyle Studio. Fucking Adam Santiago and his damn Dominos Pizza orders at 2am! Plus I was hitting the store off the Clove Road exit on the highway at like 4am, eating mad turkey sandwiches on bagels and breaded chicken fingers and all kinds of other dumb shit. When I went to LA in September of that year I took a few flicks and looked like a fucking stay puffed marshmallow man.

Which is when I decided to buy a treadmill. That was early December, 2006. Went to Sears with my pops, copped a Nordic Track for like 700 bucks. I started going hard on it in early January- after Elana had lost like 40 lbs in a college semester and was looking like a top model. I needed to step my game up. Hit the treadmill and was watching what I was eating for around three months, lost 13 pounds or so, and then I just started to get sick pretty regularly. I think it was that fucking Harris Publications office, so much dust in that place. Every three weeks I was coming down with some shit and it kept throwing my workout schedule off. Plus my back was hurting a lot, not knowing at the time that it was from my lack of stretching beforehand.

Then I moved to St. George, and worked out every now and again but didn’t really watch what I ate. So I didn’t lose much weight. Maybe 5 pounds total. This whole time I was floating somewhere around the 255-260 mark. I wasn’t eating poorly per se, just not great. Too much white bread, too much ice cream, too much white rice, too much late night eating, portion sizes too big.

Around my birthday, February 3rd, I went out for a night on the town. A rare occasion if anyone knows how I get down these days. A day later my back was killing me. I couldn’t even enjoy a day with my brother and father because I was in such poor health. Writing that god forsaken Sucker Free Blog for MTV and the Scratch blog for XXLmag.com had me sitting on my ass a good portion of the day. I’d become too sedentary, and again when I decided to work out I wasn’t stretching. I recall missing a meeting at MTV, and considering that I never miss ANYTHING, I decided this was the last straw.

In 3 months time my back had gotten fucked up twice to the point where I was in bed for a week each turn. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to lose weight, and fast. I needed to reclaim the inner Gooch. The guy who used to run the basketball court non-stop guarding a team’s best player, the dude who used to be able to dive for a loose ball and then get back down the court for a lay-up on the other end. I needed to be me again. No more excuses, no more telling myself it was the music business doing this. Nothing else should matter except this, getting in shape.

And so here I am. Back to a manageable weight, not looking like some big fat doofball (did anyone see that picture of my big fat ass and Grandmaster Flash from mid-November 2007? Oh god, shoot me), and on my quest down to 185 lbs. Considering that I lost something like 16 pounds in the month of May alone, I do believe I will be at 185 rather quickly. Perhaps by the first or second week in July. Who’s the man?

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