Don’t Lie, You Decided To Ignore My Fat Ass From 2 Blocks Away

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One of the craziest things about losing weight is noticing the little nuances of how the outside world reacts to this new version of you. When I was about four weeks in on this diet, I’d dropped something like 25 pounds, and while the weight loss wasn’t incredibly noticeable to people who didn’t see me everyday, I was definitely more svelte and overall just a bit smaller and less imposing. I’d be on the train and out of the corner of my eye I’d notice someone staring at me. I might look back at them, and in the past they’d look away, but now their gaze remained steady, and we’d match eyes for a moment. It could be a girl or a guy, it didn’t matter (pause!), it was more the principle of it. I’d walk into a store and instead of being greeted by any scowl from the person behind the counter (as in, “What the fuck do you want from me, fat boy?”), they’d now smile and be happy to deal with me. Even in my building where I live, I rarely had many conversations with other residents, but now I was noticing that everyone who passed me in the hallway had a word or two for me. Everyone wanted a moment of my time. Nothing crazy, but just being more friendly. I guess a red head fella weighing in at an imposing 250+ pounds doesn’t look too friendly. A little thinner version of that guy does though.

The biggest change I noticed was when I was walking on the street. I admit it, I pretty much look at every one on the street. I’m an observer when I’m out in public. I watch people from distance, see how they move, how they’re gliding down the street as they’re walking in my direction, how their arms sway back and forth, the gate in their stride, and then I notice whether they lift or turn their face for that brief second where we can make eye contact. Before I lost this weight, very few people would look at me in that brief second. I chalked it up to being a New York thing, people are just too busy to pay attention to others. But not really. It’s not that people don’t pay attention, it’s that I wasn’t catching anyone’s eye. Or at least not in a positive way.

And then I had to give it some thought. When I’m observing people, their could be 20 people on the street, and my eyes scan what’s available to look at and I subconsciously just pick whatever it is that catches my attention, usually a hot chick, if there’s one available. I wouldn’t be a guy if I wasn’t looking, bottom line. The fact that my eyes disregard everything else says a lot about the way my brain works, and I think it’s the same for other people.

It’s not that people weren’t looking at me before. No. It’s that they saw me from two blocks away, assessed me for what I was, and decided to disregard my fat ass!

It’s all good, because like I said, I do the same, and when I was some big fat schlub I’d have ignored me too. From two blocks away I can see what’s what and sort of make that decision in my own mind that I’m going to focus on the most eye-catching person in this throng of people walking around. If that happens to be some bad bitch, then that’s just what it is. It doesn’t always have to be that way, just saying.

I think we need to just get this whole idea out in the open though. Let’s not pretend like we don’t size people up via their looks in like two seconds, or as I’m pointing out, two blocks away minimum.

What do you think, does this idea hold any merit? And if you’ve lost weigh and reintroduced yourself to the world at some point, did you notice a difference in how many eyes now look at you as opposed to before? I know I do.

  • Brooke Fraser

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