Be Honest, What Did You Eat Today?

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Oh, what I wouldn’t do for a donut…. *cue Homer Simpson drool*

That’s actually a picture of Krispy Kreme’s whole wheat donuts, as if them being whole wheat makes them any better for you. Hey, it’s whole grains, so it will only get a little less clogged in your arteries! Fuck outta here.

At the end of most days I try to just sort of mentally make note of what it is I ate throughout the day. I don’t actually note it down, cause it’s not like I’m a writer or anything. But I try to just see if I ate anything that was particularly bad for me, and nope, I can’t say that I do. Today alone (mind you, it’s almost 6pm), I’ve only eaten a bowl of Corn Flakes for breakfast with a cup of coffee, and I just had a grilled chicken salad that I made myself (thank you George Foreman). On an ordinary day I’d probably have eaten a piece of fruit or two by now, but since I woke up at something like 2pm cause I live such a care free life like that, obviously I’ve only had time for the two meals. I’ll probably have some steamed vegetables, brown rice, and a buffalo burger (sans the bun) for dinner. That’s if I even eat dinner, which for the past two weeks or so I haven’t been doing so much of. I just haven’t gotten around to cooking, so I eat another bowl of cereal and call it a day. Not the healthiest thing in the world, but what can ya do.

What’s ill is how I see people- some of them friends of mine- who eat like Tony Soprano. Meaning, they eat dinner 5 times a day. It’s like they have bottomless stomachs, they never get full. Turkey egg and cheese with hash browns or home fries for breakfast, with a snapple or coffee. Cookies for dessert. Chinese food for lunch. Some chips for a snack. Then a sandwich for another snack. Then pizza for dinner, washed down with a big 20 oz. Coke. And they do this every day. How? Well actually it’s not that hard, I’ve done it myself at times. But eventually it catches up to you.

So as much as I say I’d love to have a donut, the reality is I walk past dunkin donuts and country donuts every day (they’re both a block away from me), and I never get anything. Maybe a coffee at most, but even that’s rare because I rather brew my own. I never thought it’d be so easy to turn down junk food, but it’s amazing how I don’t even think about it anymore. It’s like once the sugar is out of your blood stream, the cravings are gone. I do think the more you take account of what you eat, like where you actually write it out and analyze how unhealthy it is, the more opportunity you have to see just what you should eliminate. So ask yourself, what have I eaten today?

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